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Art reflects life, even as it impels life forward. We may at once admire and dispute Xenophon's fascination with sense and symmetry, as truth is not always sensible, nor is it ever in accord with balance. Yet, we note that sense and symmetry often set the framework for reflection on life.

We find syncopation most readily as set off against beat, and discord most readily in the conception of harmony. To this we must add that beauty also arises - unsought and unlooked for - in the turbulence of life. There is that momentary magic of resonance, when hearts beat in unison, before humanity again diverges in its manifold ways. And so the waves from the 4 corners of the globe converge and swell in this project.

The artists of 4-Corners Project are masters of technique and commanders of content. Their interpretations glide and cut as a ballet, from tone to tone and from word to word. In a mood of lyricism, Miro ambles unhurriedly across the wondrous wisdom within our world in his work "Dreamcatcher". Isaac Mona casts aside the convention of section calling to section in yielding to the voices of arboreal primates - captured in the
sharp riffs of contention for mastery within their species and for supremacy over others in the domain of the African Rain Forest.