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Miroslaw Kukielka

Composer, Instrumentalist, Arranger, Producer

Miroslaw Kukielka

Miroslaw Kukielka "Miro" serves in three roles. One is as senior producer, and composer of the 4-Corners Project, making the final decisions on mixing and mastering, and production. He sees his position as first among equal colleagues, providing the necessary project decisiveness, while strongly encouraging an instructive guidance from all participants. Miro has been developing his audio engineering, composition, and performance skills for 25 years. He is employing a slew of digital and analog technologies indcluding DigitalPerformer© and ProTools® 24-bit audio platform. This is particularly critical in capturing and editing live recordings in the studio, so as to bring the "performance" to the fore while maintaining the ambient environment and context.

The second role is as linguistic director, ensuring that translations are true to feel as well as true to definition. The poetics of a composition are best appreciated by a native, or near native in the original tongue. In some cases it may be most advisable to leave the original language untranslated, in others it may be far more accessible to the listener in translation. Miro makes these judgments, having mastered several languages and having developed an intuitive sense of the cultures in which they evolved. This leads to an insightful and respectful probing of the contributors to keep authenticity at the highest levels.

His most personally fulfilling contributions are as composer and instrumentalist. As an artist, he penetrates to the common fears and aspirations that drive the conflicts of ideas and personalities. He captures these essences in the composition "Dreamcatcher", a boy's picaresque seeking of solace and meaning amid the confusing realities of life.

For several years, Miro has been working on his "Missa Pro Defunctis" scored for Orchestra, Chorus, and Soloists.

Formative Biography

Miro was born in Poland. His parents were imprisoned and enslaved in Nazi concentration camps as children. Unwilling to remain silent about the abuses under the Communist regime they were exiled in eighties. This has imbued him with a relentless love of liberty and freedom of expression. It is only natural that this took form in his education where the draw of language, literature and music balanced against a keen interest in political science, and history. He has written for theater and television and has engineered, arranged and produced for many artists.

As a participant in many diverse projects, Miroslaw collaborated with Dr. Melissa T. Smith in publication of "Selected Bibliography of Ivan Elagin". Canadian-American Slavic Studies 27, nos. 1-4, available through Google Books.