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Leslie Chain
Guest Artist: Vocals - Soprano


Leslie Chain is joins us, primarily as vocalist. She's first-class front stage performer, executing the role and voice with precision. She's also a no-class back concert cut-up - the better to keep a cast and combo at their ease between their scenes and takes. The terms "pride" and "joy", taken separately and together, describe our relationship as colleagues and friends. It's always a delightful challenge to keep up with her. Additionally, she serves on the production team sharing her experience as "indie" writer/producer/director.

Leslie Chain grew up in the theatre, performing on stage, & as an accompanist, playing piano in the orchestra pit, at The Playhouse, in Youngstown, Ohio. Initially training at Juilliard and Columbia, New York, she completed her undergraduate degree in Music (voice major; piano minor) and Foreign Languages at Youngstown State University. The latter interest propelled her to an M.A. in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from N.Y.U. (New York State University).

Yet, Leslie Chain is a woman who is never really off the stage. Her interest in theatrical and musical arts remains unabated, which is why she has enjoyed working with us on the project. And who should be surprised? She apprenticed, & handled publicity in 3 states, for John Kenley, at Kenley Players, where she earned her Equity card. She appeared as a singer/dancer/comedienne in many shows. After a stint as a showgirl & model in Las Vegas, she worked off-off Broadway, in New York, and has many musical and comedy summer stock and tours to her credit. She played Mme. Remaud & Jacqueline in the National, San Francisco, & L.A. Companies of "La Cage aux Folles". Leslie also appeared in several nationally syndicated television shows.