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Lars Brondum

Classical Guitar

Lars Brondum

Lars Brondum - composer, theorist and guitarist - holds a Ph.D. and a M.M. in composition and music theory and a Bachelors degree in guitar performance.

Dr. Brondum currently teaches music theory, composition and arranging at Stockholm's Music Conservatory in Stockholm, Sweden.

Lars is an active composer at EMS (Electroacoustic Music in Sweden) and a member in the new music & intermedia art society Fylkingen. Bröndum is currently chairman in VEMS (Composers at EMS). He has also served as a board member at the Swedish Section of ICEM (International Confederation for Electronic Music). He is also a founding member in the ensembles ReSurge and ExSurge, both as composer and guitarist.

He serves as guest artist in his long time love - classical guitar performances.