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Welcome to 4 Corners Project

4 Corners Project

4 Corners Project is an association of international creative, performance and recording artists. Our artists speak as they must, at once to themselves and to the world around them. The voices of singers and instruments may not be passive tones, lazing about, they must instead actively seek and find appreciative listeners. These are the tasks placed before us - to encompass events in history, culture and the world of nature through voices rich in beauty and meaning.

For Truth is composed of both fact and feel. Records of events, however diligent in the details, never fully inform. Truth washes over us - at times as a gentle stream and at times as a torrent. It is in the music of tones and words where meaning flows into understanding. Venture now into these four corners, these stories of our world in chorus and orchestra. There you will find alive the sustaining pulse, the gathering breath, and the straining sinew of humanity.

We shall portray the valor of men, urged by necessity to accomplishments that are but lately appreciated. We shall portray the fear of man alone, beholding adversity and seeking the solace of meaning. We shall join our fellows in far off places; living lives limited in reach, but unlimited in vigor and experience. We shall show nature, both subdued and energized, enacting an enduring passion unrestrained by sentience.

"It is beautiful to see footgear ranged in a row according to its kind; it's beautiful to see garments sorted according to their use; beautiful to see glass vases and tableware so sorted, and beautiful too".

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