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Denis Moulin

Mix Engineer, Producer, Composer, Bass Guitarist

Denis Moulin brings adroit audio engineering skills to the 4-Corners Project. He has the ability to lay track upon track and to lay mix beside mix until the fully mastered disc is ready to press. This is backed by his talents as an instrumentalist. He is deft and fluid as a keyboardist as well as lead and bass guitarist playing in numerous jazz styles from Funk to Latin to Pop.

Denis Moulin is a valued colleague in the audio engineering phase of the 4-Corners Project. A project of this nature and scope takes an easy comfort with the instincts of each member of the team. The need for working autonomy requires an ear tuned for the individual mixes and a mind tuned to the anticipated master. As you listen you will appreciate his steady hand in their freestanding strength. Yet, you will also appreciate how artfully he has staged these to contribute to the whole presentation – a tribute to his overall feel, prescience and understanding.

Denis Moulin has produced records and mixed albums for about 20 years for major record companies including Sony, BMG, Virgin, EMI/Capitol, JVC (Japan), Crammed, Crepuscule, Bang records; as well as many independent companies. Two albums Denis Moulin mixed went Platinum (Lais and Top Secret) and one he produced last year went gold.

Denis Moulin has played bass, guitar, keyboards for (partial list): Passengers (Rock), Marc Morgan (POP), Isabelle Antena (Jazz/Bossa/Pop), Top Secret Band (Jazz), Black and Blue (Soul/Funk).

Denis Moulin has been Tracking and Mixing Engineer for (partial list): Isabelle Antena, Marc Moulin, Hector Zazou, Demagogues React, Phillipe Bergman, Black and Blue, Powaga Sisters, California Sunshine, Lais, Rhesus, Junior Jazz, Zornik (produced by Phil Vinal), Dominic Sonic (programing), Benjamin Lew, Buscemi, Yukihiro Fukutomi, Nicola Conte, Manuto, Free Sofa and many others.

Denis Moulin has been Producer for (partial list): Black and Blue, Pause Café, Black Maria, Puta Madre, Zeta Retuiculi, Sioen (went gold record, mixed by Eric Sarafin), Jeff Bodart, Mo & Grazz, . Denis was also selected to do remixes for Blue Note (Top Secret and Entertainment). Denis Moulin resides in France.