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About 4 Corners Project
4 Corners Project

4-Corners Project is an association of international creative, performance, and recording artists: Miroslaw Kukielka, Yayo Morales, Denis Moulin, Lars Brondum, Sarah McGraw, Isaac Mona, Laurel Butler, Denise Abbas, Leslie Chain, and Father Vit Siala.

The 4-Corners Project draws its impetus from Miroslaw Kukielka "Miro", who had the good fortune of teaming up with the project artists prior to the inception of the 4-Corners Project. As he became more and more familiar with their work, he sought a schema to draw together this highly diversified body of creative composition and performance.

Miro began the discussion with Yayo Morales and Denis Moulin several years ago. As the so-far unnamed but eclectic project began to take form, it became apparent that the unifying factor was the representational aspect of diverse traditions and themes throughout the world. 4-Corners became the natural moniker - and drove the balance of the project to become even more representational.

Of course, there was an element of serendipity to this, such as the contributions of Isaac Mona in his recordings of the arboreal primates of his native Liberia. We have to admit that seeking such an orchestra would not have occurred to us without his proposal.

This, in turn, drove the decision to form a team of audio engineers, including Denis Moulin. The complexity of the project called for innovative approaches to the use of the tracks and mixes. We needed differing perspectives and some contending opinions to evolve an artistically and technically mature approach to this project.

The musical compositions and performances encompass events in history, culture and the world of nature. We shall evoke the sense of these events, and how they touch the heart and the soul of people as individuals. We shall experience how that touch may soothe or torment, press or restrain, entice or repel.

Welcome to the 4 Corners Project